TED Franchising

Does the Real Estate Sector Promise?

The real estate sector is one of the most important sectors that sustain the Turkish economy. Especially due to increasing population and urban renewal projects across the country observed a continuous trading and rental real estate activity in Turkey. Therefore, the real estate sector will be an attractive option for investors for a long time.

What is a Franchising Model?

The TED franchising system is offered to local real estate offices and entrepreneurs in two different concepts.Concept Office model for new ventures and Virtual Office model for real estate offices currently serving in the real estate system.

Who can be the Franchise Office?

Real estate sales consultants who are experienced in the industry and have to pay high monthly payments to the office or brand they work for. (It does not take a share from TED franchise offices, revenue or sales and leases.) Entrepreneurs who want to enter the real estate sector but do not have sufficient starting capital. Real estate offices that want to recognize as a brand in the real estate sector economically by working with the virtual office model

How Much Will My Investment Cost?

With the “Concept Office” model, entrepreneurs who will buy franchises can only become the TED Franchise Office for 3 years by meeting the office conversion costs. With the “Virtual Office” model, real estate offices that will join the TED family can become a Virtual Office for 1 year free of charge, provided that there is one in each region and there is no concept office in that region.

Can I Use My Own Brand?

Yes. TED franchising system can use its own company name and contact information by using the TED logo at the beginning of its title in both models.

Why should I choose TED System?

Because TED offers the win-win model to entrepreneurs who serve in the sector or aim to build a career in the real estate sector with the human and sharing-oriented franchising system it has developed. TED franchise offices have a high number of virtual franchise offices and franchise offices, and a strong buyer-seller orientation power among themselves. Thus you have the system all over Turkey have been included in real estate marketing right across the system.

TED Regional Office Franchise

TED, Turkey's largest, the world's leading real estate companies set out with the goal of becoming one, all of which recovered within the most effective method of marketing real estate is a real estate investment advisory firm in the national capital.

TED Virtual Office Franchise

TED Virtual Franchise System briefly TED revealed property is fully self based on a unique idea "Turkey Real Estate Depot" project, the portfolio of serving real estate professionals in Turkey is the world's real estate showcase the removal project gathered in a common pool.

Join us to shape the future of the real estate industry, to benefit from our people-oriented franchising system and 30 years of real estate experience!

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