Our Values

Our mission, while explaining our reason for being in the simplest form; our vision determines our goal at the social level.

It is not a point that will end with the achievement of this goal; As a light of progress and development, we consider it as a continuous journey.

Our values, which are the essence of being a member of TED Real Estate family, will be a guide that inspires, guides and draws our boundaries on our journey to our destination.

The principles of transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability form the basis of all administrative functions and decision-making mechanisms of TED.

We believe that business ethics has a broad content that includes not only deviating from the rights of current stakeholders, but also the rights of future stakeholders, as well as not deviating from legal or immoral means. In this context, the principle of sustainability gains importance.


All operations on our side of the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Turkey, we are all subject to national legislation, especially in the Constitution that we comply with all international agreements and arrangements.

We show the necessary diligence to ensure that the declarations and reports we present are accurate, and provide the information in a correct, understandable and timely manner.

We accept accuracy and transparency as our priority values ​​in all our business processes and relationships.

We show maximum effort and care to make business ethics a building block of our written corporate culture.

We equip our employees with awareness, rules and practices that keep them away from conflicts of interest, and prohibit and supervise their personal interests by taking advantage of their existing duties.

We prohibit our employees from receiving gifts that affect their impartial decisions and behaviors and from giving gifts for the same purpose.

We support studies that will contribute to economic and social development.

In conducting our activities and transactions, we are located at equal distance with all public institutions and organizations, administrative formation, non-governmental organizations and political parties without any expectation of interest.

We do not cause corruption in our operations, we do not condone and we fight against corruption.

We do not compete unfairly, we protect fair competition and the protection of consumer rights, we develop all our practices in this direction.

We do not employ informal employment; we respect the health and safety of workers and support the fair employment of young people, women and people with disabilities.

We develop practices to ensure that all these business ethics principles, insights and practices are extended to all of our domains, including our business partners and suppliers.

We declare our support for the ten basic principles that constitute the essence of the United Nations Global Compact and reflect our willingness to comply with these principles in our administrative structure and TED Real Estate service policies.