Having a housing income of 31 thousand 841 families with a low income experienced the happiness!

In the initiative of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, 31 thousand 841 families became host families with the implementation of the "social housing" initiated to ensure that low-income citizens are homeowners.
T. C. Thanks to the protocol signed between the Ministry and the Prime Ministry Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), the "Social Housing Project" started almost 8 years ago, thousands of citizens who have insufficient financial status have experienced the happiness of being a host. According to the report of Burcu Çalık, one of the reporters of Anadolu Agency (AA) within the scope of social housing application, houses were delivered to 31 thousand 841 families.
AA correspondent, according to the information collected by the ministry of the Burcu Çalık'in information, in 2016, 28 thousand 604 housing was delivered to the owners. Construction is continuing for a thousand 496 dwellings.
As of the end of November 2017, the number of families benefiting from social housing application was 31,841. Within the scope of the social housing studies, the Ministry transferred about 1.5 billion pounds to TOKI.
Social houses built by TOKİ are being considered as 1 room 1 living room and 2 rooms 1 living room. There are no guarantees when buying houses or obligations like "down payment" at the beginning of the project. These houses, which are sold for low income, are offered a maturity of 270 months. Repayments of the houses are made with installments of 100 and 130 pounds, fixed and non-interestable according to square meters. But the citizens who have difficulties in repayment are also supported by Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations. There is also a 10 percent special quota for disabled citizens in social housing applications.